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Simple website design and search engine optimisation
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  22 Mar 2023 21:45 GMT
Simple Website Design Simple Website Design
' Most of our clients come to us to correct their existing websites done by so called experts' 2002-2003 Golden Web Awards winner<br>simple-BIZ is a one-stop Information Technology consulting and simple website design solution company. Providing Simple Website Design, IT consulting, B2B/B2C development, application development, software design, search engine optimisation and submission, network implementation or trouble shooting are some of the services we provide here in Thailand. Over the past years we have had the pleasure of serving goverment, public and private companies of all sizes. Simple website design and SEO client list includes firms from all over Thailand to Middle East, Canada, New Zealand and represents a diverse cross section of industries including hotels, travel agencies, real estate, property, schools and more...

Our consultants work within a discipline that starts with defining your needs in detail. We prepare a firm timeline and set up a reporting process so you know where your project stands every step of the way.

Most of our clients don't know exactly what they want when they call us but they do know of a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that needs to be leveraged. We take our clients' need and provide an elegant and simple solution, turning our client's ideas into digital reality in simple terms and budget.

We will work with your company to help you determine exactly what you need, then come up with a plan to achieve it within your time and budget requirements. Software and website development is a complex process, but we are experts at getting these types of projects completed and implemented in a very simple way.

You control the process but can count on us to get it done! Just so simple.

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